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Engineers! If you decided to immigrate to Australia and now preparing your Competency Demonstration Report (the CDR), this guidance would provide you essential direction on your Career Episodes and Summary Statement tips.


Recently, in past few articles, we have provided tips on your Summary Statement, following the guidance provided on Career Episodes writing. We have already covered almost the entire Summary Statement and now continue guiding you on the third part of the Summary Statement: the “Professional and Personal Attributes” part of the Summary Statement.


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Summary  Statement tips

As we said earlier, the third part of the Summary Statement is relatively easy comparing to other two parts. However in this part of the Summary Statement the first and the third element are still quite confusing. We have already covered the first element of  the third part of the Summary Statement – “Ethical conduct and professional accountability” in our last article. Our last article can be found here: https://cdrsample.com/general-tips-summary-statement-4/


Now we are going to speak about the third element, the “Creative, innovative and pro-active demeanour”. This element consists of three indicators. All of these indicators refer to innovation and creativity on your work.  In this element you should describe how you have been applying your creativity and the engineering work. This might be the new technologies you implemented as a solution to a problem or development of a new technique or anything else innovative you had applied for your project.


We are giving you several examples you could use as a reference when writing your CDR:

I proposed and implemented alternative approaches that cleverly reduced the cost and complexity of the systems, increased their performance, and also their reliability.

I look out for innovative solutions to technical issues and am always ready to challenge the engineering practices

I keep myself updated on the new developments in the field of mechanical engineering and apply systematic approach to implement design ideas in my projects.

Don’t forget to reference the relevant paragraphs in the third column of your Summary Statement.


Still confused about the Summary Statement or a CDR as a whole? Please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com and we surely be able to help you on any related issue.

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