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CDRsample FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions – CDRsample FAQs

This page contains the most frequently asked questions – CDRsample FAQs and also on CDR writing and any parts of CDR content. The answers are written in accordance with experience we have gained during 12 years of operation in this field (as for 2021).

If you have any more questions in regards to CDR writing or about our services please contact us on and we will answer any of your inquiry within 24 hours. All our answers and advise is free of charge.

We often update this page by addition more and more most common questions we receive to this list.

For more information on migration skills assessment process please visit the Engineers Australia web site – migration skills assessment section in the following link: Engineers Australia web site

Please notice that CDRsample is an independent organization and we have no connection to the Engineers Australia or any other skills assessment organization.

Guidance on KA02 knowledge assessment

Guidance on KA02 knowledge assessment for immigration to New Zealand can be found in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work individually with each Client and create unique Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). We work in very close cooperation with our customers. The CDR preparation involves efforts from both sides, our and yours.

When you purchase our services, we will send you questions list in regards to your professional experience. You will be asked to answer these questions and send it back to us. Then we will prepare your first Career Episode based on these answers. We will adjust and modify your answer to fit the current EA (or other assessment authority) requirements. If any information is missing, we will complete it if we can. If we can’t complete the missing information by ourselves, we will ask you few additional questions.

If major information is missing (such as design experience), we will offer you our research services (ask us about it). 

When first Career Episode is ready and approved by the Client, we will then repeat the process for the second and the third Career Episodes.

When all three Career Episodes are ready, we will prepare Summary  Statement and the CPD. We won’t need any input from your side for Summary Statement and CPD preparation.

The whole process is transparent to you and you can request any changes / additions to be done to your Career Episodes before we start working on your Summary Statement.

See more CDRsample FAQs below.

Normally assistance in the complete CDR preparation takes about 3-4 weeks. Of course, this would also depend on how fast the customer would reply to our questions.

There are also “speedy services” available, we complete these cases within about 2 weeks.

The price of the service depends on the state of your Career Episodes which normally needed to be upgraded for successful assessment with Engineers Australia.

If the Episodes do not require any changes, or require only minor changes and you would like us to prepare the Summary Statement, the price will be less than in the case your Career Episodes require a lot of changes / wording to add (more then 50%). Our prices are comparatively low to the market’s prices. Please send us your inquiry (to or use the Contact form) and we will send you our price list.

Normally assistance in the Summary Statement preparation alone without modifying Career Episodes takes about 4-5 days.

We have Technical Writers from all Engineering fields and we cover all Engineering professions.

The most common Engineering professions include:

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Civil Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Materials Engineering
Engineering Technologist

Of course the list above only includes the most common professions. Within 12 years of experience we have written CDR for all professions, including the minor specializations and covered all ANZSCO codes.

Yes we can!

If you don’t know or concerned about what ANZSCO code you should apply under – ask us and we would be able to suggest the most suitable ANZSCO code for you.

Moreover – if you wish to apply under a particular ANZSCO code, we will adjust your experience to give you the best suitable representation under that particular ANZSCO code.

Yes, we do. We assist in CDR preparation to all Engineering occupational categories.

Professional Engineers
Engineering Technologists
Engineering Managers and
Engineering Associates

Yes, we do. Now we have several years of experience in Stage 2 applications for Chartered Status.

Even that the requirements have changed now, we still provide Stage 2 services successfully and our help is beneficial to our Clients.

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Stripe is another reliable service we use to process payments. You can click on Stripe option, fill the form with your debit / credit card details and the payment will be processed by Stripe. 

In both PayPal and Stripe options we don’t have access to your card details – your details are held with PayPal / Stripe and we never see them.

There are some countries that PayPal doesn’t recognize (for instance: Korea, Pakistan). In this case the money transfer can be done with Stripe. Stripe is used for online payments by many companies and allows you to pay using your debit or credit card.

 If Stripe is not available either, you can use MoneyGram. Service of this worldwide company is reliable and fast.

Yes, you can! Service of the MoneyGram is available world wide. To find the closest MoneyGram location, please visit their web site. You will be given more instructions about money transfer with MoneyGram when we receive your enquiry.