NER Services

Assistance in NER Application writing for National Engineering Register

Applying for a membership in the National Engineering Register (NER) is a great way to promote your professional interests and drive your career forward. We can help you ensure that your application will not fall short of the requirements. We check your eligibility based on the occupational category, the CPD hours during the past 1-3 years, and availability of a PI insurance, and then lay out a detailed plan on the preparation of your Work Experience Statement (WES). We also ensure that you have selected the correct professional referees that correspond to the projects described in the WES and can support your claims and confirm them as true.

The WES is prepared with great care, method, and consistency. More specifically, we select the highlights of your work during a period of the last five years and then demonstrate the full spectrum of your competencies within the context of the projects that you got involved in at that time. Elements presented in the WES include ethical conduct, sustainable practices, assessment and management of risks, legal and statutory requirements, communication skills, advanced engineering knowledge, problem analysis and solution development, creativity, and innovation.

The only thing that we will need from you in the preparation of your WES document is an updated CV and a few answers to simple questions, (if at all required). We will then use the extracted information responsibly and add any missing parts on our own so as to cover all that is needed for a successful NER application.

Since there is a requirement of describing the work experience for 5 years within the last 7 years, price of our services would depend on how many Career Episodes we can re-use for NER purposes.

Starting at:

$ AU 195
  • 3 -5 Work Experience Statements
  • Completion within 1-2 weeks
  • Speedy Communication
  • Contact us for more details and evaluation


Quite often we are asked about plagiarism and how we avoid plagiarism in our work. Here is the answer:

We use a sophisticated software in all our work that compares your CDR report to all other previously written CDRs and also to internet souses. We really care about plagiarism as we know that this is a major issue when submitting the application to Engineers Australia and other similar organisations.

Using our services guarantees that the application you receive from us is ready to submit and would be absolutely 100% plagiarism free.