Our Services

Assistance in Competency Demonstration Reports Preparation for Migration skills assessment with Engineers Australia.

      • The first half of the fees needs to be paid before we start working on your case (before we start writing the first Career Episode).
      • Once we start working on your case, we will send you a questions list to extract information needed for the first Career Episode from you.
      • We will then insert this information to your Career Episode. We will adjust and modify information you have provided to meet the current EA (or other assessing authority) requirements.
      • Once the Career Episode is ready, we will send it over to you for approval.
      • Same process will repeat for the second and third Career Episodes.
      • Once all three Career Episodes are finished, we will ask you for the second part of the payment and will then work on your Summary Statement and the CPD.
      • There are also CV, Cover Letter and other services available for additional small fee. All additional documents would also fully comply to current EA (or other assessment body) requirements.
      • If you don’t think that you have enough experience please ask us about our research services.
      • All our work is 100% plagiarism free.