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Assistance in Competency Demonstration Reports Preparation for Migration skills assessment with Engineers Australia.

ICT skills assessment with ACS

If you need help preparing your ICT skills assessment application for the Australian Computer Society, our expert team of writers can help you achieve the best possible outcome which is the “Major” qualification. Even if your professional background and previous experience in the field isn’t quite rich or adequate, we can fill out the shortcomings by adding key elements that will maximize your chances of success.


Engaging the ICT skills assessment services means that we start by ensuring that you meet the suitability criteria, consult you on the selected ANZSCO code based on your credentials, identifying the level of your RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning), and the prepare the two reports that are needed for the online application form. We make sure that you will have to do no additional work other than simply logging in ACS platform and uploading the ready files once you’re ready to proceed.

How ICT writing services work?

To prepare the two reports for your ICT assessment, we will prepare a questionnaire that will help us extract key information about your previous experience working in two projects, and you will have to simply answer as many of the included questions as possible. We then evaluate your answers, fill out the missing details, and start working on the preparation of your reports, highlighting your abilities, skills, knowledge, and expertise in the resulting content. These reports correspond to a single project each, and showcase a full spectrum of your professionalism such as teamwork leadership and capacity for communication, technical and theoretical expertise, problem solving abilities, modelling methods, selection and utilization of software and firmware tools, knowledge of hardware and software fundamentals, programming, data and information management, telecommunications and networking, IT project management, and security.

If you already have prepared the reports yourself, our team of experienced writers can check it and pinpoint to any shortcomings or missing elements, and then help you add them, proofread the content, correct any grammatical, spelling, or syntax errors that may reduce your chances of success, and present you with a professional result that is up to the highest standard.

The payment can be divided into two parts.

Please contact us if you wish to find out more before ordering our services.

The price for ICT skills assessment writing services is
from scratch 219 $AU


Quite often we are asked about plagiarism and how we avoid plagiarism in our work. Here is the answer:

We use a sophisticated software in all our work that compares your CDR report to all other previously written CDRs and also to internet souses. We really care about plagiarism as we know that this is a major issue when submitting the application to Engineers Australia and other similar organisations.

Using our services guarantees that the application you receive from us is ready to submit and would be absolutely 100% plagiarism free.