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General tips Summary Statement 7

Engineers! If you are thinking of relocation to Australia under migration skills assessment and career path and need to prepare you CDR, we are in CDRsample would be able to help you with your CDR. Please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com if you struggle with your Summary Statement writing process or need help with the entire CDR.

In this series of articles we give you free and helpful guidance on your CDR preparation. In past few articles we have already covered Career Episodes. Now are finishing talking about your Summary Statement writing. We have already covered all three parts of the Summary Statement writing process in previous articles. This article will provide you general guidance on how to fill the Summary Statement table.

Summary Statement writing process tips

When you are writing your Summary Statement, you will discover that some of the indicators are repeated from element to element. This means that you would be able to copy these, adjusting the wording or lines to suit the particular element of course, with the same reference paragraphs. Example of such indicators are ones that talk about the safety, project management and learning and investigating before the project initiation and more.

Another useful and important tip for Summary Statement is to use “search” option in MS-Word on your Career Episodes. For example, if you are about filling the section that refers to your design work in the project, search for word “design” in your Career Episodes. And you will find what paragraphs to refer to in your Summary Statement. This would ease your work on the Summary Statement as majority of reference paragraphs could be found this way.

In many cases, when you are filling your Summary Statement you will find out that you have not made any reference to a specific competency that has to be covered in the Summary Statement. In this case you will first need to add more information to cover this competency in your Career Episode and then to write the indicators to reflect this in the Summary Statement. Then you will need to add the reference paragraphs.  You might need to repeat this process several times for all uncovered competencies.

If you need more information and free guidance on Summary Statement preparation, please have look in the blogs section of our website https://cdrsample.com/blogs/  and on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cdrsample

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