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Using AI to Write CDR (Competency Demonstration Report)

AI to write CDR

Can using AI to Write CDR be a problem? The Competency Demonstration Report is a submission to Engineers Australia, specifically for engineers who are applying for Migration Skills Assessment. This document holds significant importance within the application process, as it must be tailored to showcase your unique skills, experiences, and achievements. 

Although AI tools can provide assistance with different aspects of writing and editing, it is important to understand that content generated by AI is not a replacement for the CDR writing. AI tools can be utilized to support language correction in your CDR. However, AI usage should be pretty much limited to this. 

The AI tools such as chat GPT tools are particularly useful for fixing grammar and spelling errors, as well as ensuring that your report fulfills the English requirements. However, it should be noted that relying solely on AI-generated content is not recommended when it comes to the CDR writing.

As a fundamental requirement for the CDR, the EA mandates the applicants to write the Career Episodes from their experiences describing their own duties and responsibilities. It is worth mentioning that the EA checks all CDR submissions whether the content was AI generated. If the EA finds that it was, you will be asked to provide an explanation for the use of AI and the whole application may fail as a result.

To maintain authenticity and meet the criteria set by Engineers Australia, it is best to manually compose the content of your CDR while utilizing AI tools for grammar and proofreading purposes, if necessary. 

Here are a few factors to consider when incorporating AI tools into your CDR writing process:

  1. As a Writing Aid: AI tools can be employed to enhance the readability, grammar, and structure of your CDR. Utilizing tools like grammar checkers, spell checkers, or language enhancement software can prove beneficial in refining your writing.
  2. Plagiarism Concerns: Engineers Australia emphasizes the importance of originality and integrity when it comes to CDR submissions, as AI generated content may inadvertently incorporate text from publicly accessible sources, which can result in plagiarism concerns.
  3. Ethical Considerations:  Engineers Australia may view the use of AI tools to create the primary content of a CDR as unethical if it results in misrepresentation or dishonesty.
  4. Authentic Content: The CDR represents a personal record that should faithfully portray your abilities, background, and accomplishments as an engineer. Relying on AI to create content may result in a loss of genuineness and potentially contribute to misrepresentation.

Although AI tools can assist in some areas of the CDR writing process, it is crucial to personally write the majority of the content in a genuine and truthful manner that reflects your own skills and experiences. Engineers Australia highly values the authenticity and accuracy of CDR submissions. While it is acceptable to use AI as a writing aid for proofreading and improving language, it is not advisable to rely on it completely to generate the entire CDR as this may have adverse consequences.

If you feel that you need help writing your CDR, a preferred option instead of using AI for your application is to seek assistance from a professional service. At CDRsample, our team of technical writers are experts in their respective engineering domains and we have been in the CDR writing business since 2009. 

We provide CDR writing services at a budget price. Our CDR writing services include writing of three Career Episodes, Summary Statement, and CPD. Our services are always plagiarism and AI free.  Contact us today at cdr@cdrsample.com  or through our contact page for a free consultation and free evaluation for your draft Career Episodes.



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