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My work as a Technical Writer in CDRsample

Technical Writer

I work as a Technical Writer in CDR for number of years and today I would like to share my experience.

Technical writers in CDRsample team are from different engineering backgrounds. First Technical Writer work is to analyse your projects based on your educational qualification, project experience to verify the occupational category of CDR. The first step is to verify whether your project is mapped to a valid occupation category, and the writers suggest a different category (such as Engineering Technologist) in case your qualification doesn’t match the EA requirements for professional engineer. After finalization of your occupation category, the writers analyse your first set of questionnaire document to check the feasibility and information completeness of the Career Episode creation.

Project details in questionnaire is the primary information source of your Career Episodes (CEs). Our writers analyse the your answers and they ask additional questions if there are any gaps. If you need assistance for answering the questions, writers also provide samples to help you to complete your answers. Throughout the process, writers insist and seek important details from you to develop your CE. An ideal CE should meet the expectations of EA, and the probability of rejection is high for incomplete CE. As the writers’ team learn continuously through different cases, they are aware of the latest requirements of EA to assist you in completing the answers for your CE.

Every completed CE goes through several processes of quality check before it is delivered over to you. Our writers involve a lot of quality checks in terms of document structure, formats, grammar, keywords, technical terms, diagrams, calculations, representations, and professional style of the Career Episode. We also check the document is plagiarism free through a specialized tool (EA expects plagiarism free content on CEs). Our technical manager reviews the verified CE again for technical correctness to analyse the overall acceptance rate of your profile.  We involve a lot of iterations between the technical manager and writers before the final delivery of CE to you.

We ensure that your CE contains necessary elements and it passes through the stringent EA assessment on the first attempt. Contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com to avail your personalized service. Or use the contact us form from any of our pages.

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cdrsample/ 

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