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CDR speedy services

CDR speedy services

Few years ago we have introduced the CDR speedy services to our company – CDRsample. Normal CDR services would take about 4 weeks to prepare, while in speedy services we will write your complete CDR (including 3 Career Episodes, Summary Statement and a CPD) within 1-2 weeks.

How our speedy services work?

When we have a Client for CDR speedy services we allocate two of our Technical Writers for Client’s case and hence the CDR will be prepared at double speed. The two Technical Writers work in cooperation between them and they work simultaneously. Then the lead Technical Writer checks the entire CDR once again and makes appropriate adjustments before it is sent to the Client.

Why people would want the “speedy services”?

“Speedy services” are particularly good when a Client has already attempted to prepare and submit his own CDR and the EA has come back with comments and things to fix in Career Episodes within limited timeframe.  Often in this case the applicant has 4 weeks to fix all things that were wrong with the Career Episodes and many times this is very limiting for the Client.

Another reason is change in rules: some professions are becoming “flagged” on long and middle term of “wanted” occupations list and this makes sense to apply for migration skills assessment as soon as possible.

We also have “speedy” versions for majority of our services. We have speedy services for Stage 1 applications for membership with the EA (Engineers Australia), forKA02 applications (IPENZ) with the NZQA for immigration to New Zealand and others.

If you need your CDR or other type of skills assessment application be ready fast, please launch our “speedy services” through our website www.cdrsample.com Or you could simply drop  us an email at cdr@cdrsample.com and we will deal with your application.


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