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IT specialist – ACS skills assessment

ACS skills assessment

Today I’d like to speak about IT specialist Skills assessment (ACS skills assessment). Recently we have received a question from one of our FB page readers asking about EA migration skills assessment for himself, an experienced IT specialist.

The answer is simple; the EA (Engineers Australia) is not a right authority for skills assessment for IT specialists. The right authority is ACS – Australian Computer Society. The link to their web page is provided below:



ACS skills assessment for the following professions


The ANZSCO codes that ACS provides skills assessment for are:

261311 – Analyst Programmer

135111 – Chief Information Officer

263111 – Computer Network and Systems Engineer

262111 – Database Administrator

261312 – Developer Programmer

261111 – ICT Business Analysts

262112 – ICT Security Specialist

261211 – Multimedia Specialist

261399 – Software and Application Programmer

261313 – Software Engineer

261112 – Systems Analysts


If you have one of these professions, do apply through ACS. Please notice that both 263111 – Computer Network and Systems Engineer and 261313 – Software Engineer are also under ACS not Engineers Australia even that they have the word “Engineer” in them.

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