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CDRsample references from our recent Clients.

CDRsample references

Today I am going to share few CDRsample references on our services from our recent Clients. They, among many others have employed our services for CDR writing and kindly shared their outcome results with us.


CDRsample references

“I have received the CDR Outcome Letter from Engineers Australia and cleared the assessment. I am thanking you for the assistance given to me to complete this task. Yours Faithfully.” Client from India.


“Thanks so much for your help. the outcome has been successful. Cheers”. Client from Australia.


“My engineering Australia assessment has been done and I got positive response. Thanks for your expert service”. Client from Saudi Arabia.


“Thanks a lot to you and your team for excellent services provided by CDRsample. Thanking you for the positive outcome with Best Regards” Client from India


“I received email from EA regarding my outcomes and finally I got positive response from EA. Thanks for your help”. Client from India.


“I am pleased to inform you that my application got accepted by EA. I met the requirements of the Mechanical Engineer Occupation (class: professional engineer). Both my degree and employment were assessed and determined relevant. Thank you for your assistance and support, and I will be referring you to anyone needing such service”. Client from Libya


If you are in or approaching the stage of your CDR preparation and need assistance in CDR writing, please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com or visit  our website www.cdrsample.com and use the contact form to contact us. Also, if you have written your Career Episodes and need a professional review, contact us for free evaluation services.

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