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How our Technical Writers develop your SS

Today I’d like to carry on with the topic of “My work as a Technical Writer in CDRsample” and explain how we develop Summary Statements (SS) for our Clients.

How we develop the SS for our Clients.

Summary Statement is the consolidated summary of your career episodes categorized in different sections such as knowledge and skills base, engineering application ability, and professional and personal attributes. Every part of SS helps the assessor (EA) to validate your skills across different career episodes. The references to the prepared career episodes reinstates your skills and provides valid evidence across three career episodes. Preparing SS is critical step for your CDR due to its importance in assessment process. If you missed to add a point in the summary statement, then the details presented in career episodes might go unnoticed to the assessor.

Our writers have prepared hundreds of successful summary statements, and know the expectations and requirements of the EA. We draft the Career Episodes (CEs) based on the Summary Statement requirements. Due to this process, your CE contains all the relevant details demanded by the Summary Statement. It is a reverse approach and avoids the rework or correction of your career episodes. Our writers update the structure of SS based on the latest recommendations from EA so that your SS pass through the assessment of EA without any glitches.

What Technical Writers consider when writing your SS.

Writers know the importance of key fields in Summary  Statement and get the specific details from you. For example, the details regarding the cost cutting measures are important, and writers strive to extract the that specific information during the early CE preparation phases. If these details are present across all CEs, filling up this field would be easy in Summary Statement. Missing this critical information during the development of CEs would cause unnecessary delays and rework of career episodes. We know the big picture about the Summary  Statement expectations, and our writers ask right questions and demand necessary details to enhance your CEs and SS. We also assist in completing the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) file based on your training, and CV details.

To develop an effective CDR, contact cdr@cdrsample.com for your complete personalized package of 3 CEs, SS, and CPD documents. Also, if you have your Career Episodes ready and need to write the SS, contact us and our experts will develop the SS for you.

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