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How we develop your CDR – CPD writing


In our earlier posts we have described how we in CDRsample develop your Career Episodes and the Summary Statement. Today we would like to describe how we develop the last part of your CDR, the CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

In the CPD you should demonstrate that after finishing your undergraduate studies, you have carried on building up your knowledge and continued your professional development. You can include the following items in your CPD.

What can be included in the CPD?

Formal post-graduate study (such as Masters of Engineering degree);

Conferences at which you have delivered papers or attended;

Short courses, workshops, seminars, discussion groups, technical inspections and technical meetings you have attended;

Preparation and presentation of material for courses, conferences, seminars and symposia;

Services to the engineering profession (volunteer work, board or committee volunteering, mentoring, etc.);

Private study (includes books, journals, manuals, etc.).


Informally, the EA would wish to see at least one Professional Development item per year after your undergraduate studies (studies for Bachelor of Engineering degree) have been completed.

The best format for your CPD representation is in a table. You will need to include title, date, duration, and venue in this table for each item.

In regards to the private study, you will need to include the book title and the author and what you have learned from the book. Same applies for journals and professional magazines.

Please notice that you don’t need to provide any certificates of completion for your CPD (this excluding the studies for Master’s degree).

In CDRsample we have developed CPDs with every CDR applications and have a great experience in providing high quality CPD as well as other parts of CDRs and similar skills assessment applications.

If you have any questions about CDR writing, please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com or using the  “contact us” form through our  website www.cdrsample.com

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