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What to expect when relocating Australia

relocating Australia

Nowadays many skilled people move abroad in search for better life and professional development. Relocating Australia is one of the main immigration streams.  Moving abroad usually has good reasons behind it, but of course relocating to a new country could be a tough task. I’d like to share two main difficulties that I needed to overcome when moving abroad. Today, I am sharing with you the first main difficulty I needed to overcome when moving abroad.

What to expect when you relocating Australia.

One of the main things that I found out when I moved abroad from my home, not English speaking country is that I still have quite a language barrier. Despite that I learned English since childhood in school and in the University, my English was not at level where I could communicate freely with people around me. My IELTS scores were at 6.5, and that was enough to get the work permit. I even had practiced my conversational English in my origin country at work, but at the beginning after my relocation and starting a professional job, I struggled quite a lot with properly understanding my work colleagues.

I would advise you to practice your conversational English as much as possible before you come to Australia or any other English speaking country. Even if you need to take online lessons with a native speaker, it worth doing so for practice. Local accent will be one of the things you will need to overcome and it takes practice to do so. If you gain a good level of conversational English, this would help you massively in your job search and passing the interviews and generally at the beginning of your way in the new country.

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