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Top 5 Online Courses to enrich your CPD

Strengthening your CPD by Attending Online Courses – Part 1

Online education has become a crucial part of the modern engineer’s continuing professional development (CPD), as the offered courses pullulate year by year, the level of the instructors raises, and the topics spectrum widens and also deepens. The following courses are open to everyone around the globe, so feel free to go ahead and check the list with the top five online courses that we have compiled for you. Remember, your continuous professional development is a crucial part of your CDR, so it can raise the chances of success of your migration skills assessment application.

1.) If you are interested in autonomous drones and use of sensors in flight, then the “Robotics: Aerial Robotics” course offered on the Coursera platform by the University of Pennsylvania is a great course to start with. The course starts in July the 3rd and constitutes of six sections, namely the aerial robotics, the computational motion planning, the mobility, the perception, the estimation and learning, and finally the capstone project. The seven professors who participate in this amazing course will help you understand how drones detect the characteristics of their environment and decide their maneuvering actions, how 3D space is synthesized inside their computational units, and finally how to use MATLAB and GNU Octave to program and also simulate these control systems.

2.) Another very interesting specialization offered on Coursera and starting on June 12 (you have until 19 to enroll) is the “Geographic Information Systems (GIS)”. GIS is increasingly important in many engineering sectors and this course will help you learn all about analytical map development and spatial analysis techniques. The course consists of five chapters being the fundamentals, the GIS Data formats, the geospatial and environmental analysis, the imagery automation and applications, and a geospatial analysis project.

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