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Top 5 Online Courses to enrich your CPD (contentious professional development) Part 2

Strengthening your CPD by Attending Online Courses – Part 2


When you write your CDR, you find out the CPD (or the contentious professional development) is one of the important parts you will need to prepare for your CDR application. To enrich your CPD you can take online courses widely available now online.


Continuing from last week, here comes the second part of the top 5 online courses that are starting soon in various education platforms. This time we focus on different topics, essentially covering a wider spectrum of interest and specialization for all engineers out there. Read on to find out more about the courses that we have picked out to enrich your contentious professional development document.


3.) If you are into Oil and Gas engineering, the course “Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering” offered on the Udemy platform would be a great introduction to calculating reservoir flow rates using Darcy’s Law, application of material balances and calculation of hydrocarbon in all reservoir types, well testing, rock and fluid properties, and production rate predictions. The course is divided into twelve sections with the first two being introductory chapters and it is geared towards people who will join Oil & Gas companies and want to get to know more about all the technical elements involved in this special engineering field.


4.) Another interesting upcoming course that starts on June 14 is the “Supply Chain Fundamentals” offered on edx.org. The main topics covered in this course include but are not limited to Demand Forecasting, Planning, and Management, Inventory Planning, Management, and Control, Transportation Planning, Management, and Execution. The instructor is the director of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) program in Supply Chain Management so he is a respected and acknowledged expert in this field.


5.) Finally, a course that concerns all engineers out there is the “Research Methods: An Engineering Approach” that is also offered on the edX by the Wits University and starts on July the 5th. This course will aid you in perfecting your research process, research planning, using modern creative research tools, and hone your information control and assessment skills.


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