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Skilled Occupation List

Engineers! If you have started your process for migration to Australia, and now are or about to write your CDR, you might need to hurry up: There is a list of professions that might be removed from Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

According to information we have, changes to Skilled Occupation List SOL are likely to take place in July 2017. Professions that may be dropped down from SOL in July 2017 are listed in the following link:  https://www.anzscosearch.com/flagged-occupations-2016-17/

Please notice that this does not mean that all these flagged professions will necessarily be removed from the Skilled Occupation List this year, but this indicated that such possibility does exist.

However, if you are now in the process of preparing your application and you have one of the flagged occupations listed in the link above, do hurry up and complete your application before July. We are only in end of April, and this is possible to do.

We are in CDRsample normally complete the CDR within 3-4 weeks if you are able to provide information that is required from your side fairly quickly. We also have speedy services where we complete a CDR within 2 weeks if you need your application faster. Our CDR preparation services include writing of three Career Episodes, Summary Statement and the CPD. We also help with CVs, Reference Letters and any additional documentation you might need for your application.

If you need help with your CDR and you need your CDR quickly, please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com and we will be able to offer you the help you need.


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