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CDRsample Services – Career Episodes writing

Engineers! Are you in your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) preparation for migration skills assessment with the Engineers Australia or in your KA02 application preparation for NZQA (IPENZ)? In this case, we are in CDRsample can help you with your application writing including help on your Career Episodes writing, Summary Statement writing and the CPD. Please visit us on www.cdrsample.com or send an enquiry to cdr@cdrsample.com. On the website you can use the “contact us” form as well.


Many Clients ask us how our services work? Here is the answer to this common question. If you have drafted your Career Episodes yourself, we will evaluate them (and this service is provided free of charge) and send you the evaluation result and the quote for reviewing and upgrading your Career Episodes to the Engineers Australia standards. The price would depend on the quality of your initial Career Episodes and how far they are from the Engineers Australia current requirements.


Quite often our Clients have written the draft Career Episodes and don’t have the Summary Statement. After we finished working on your Career Episodes and you approved them, we will carry on and prepare your Summary Statement and the CPD if you need one.


When we start working on your Career Episodes, we will send you questions list to extract information relevant to your Engineering experience. You will be asked to answer these questions and provide as much information as you possibly can, especially about your design experience. This applies particularly to those who wish to apply under Professional Engineering Occupational Category.


After we receive the answers from you on your first Career Episode, we will start working on writing / upgrading your first Career Episode and ask you to answer questions for your second Career Episode.  This process will repeat with your second and third Career Episodes.


We normally complete every CDR within 3-4 weeks but this is if Client provides the answers to the questions list reasonably fast. The speed of our services strongly depends on how quickly the Client would provide the answers and this is important that you cooperate with us and provide the answer quickly if you want the CDR be completed on time.


Please visit our Facebook Page for free information on CDR preparation and useful tips. https://www.facebook.com/cdrsample





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