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CDRsample services for CDR writing

Engineers, are you preparing your CDR right now? We in CDRsample provide assistance in CDR preparation to Engineers from all occupational  categories and professions. Need help? Please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com and we will assist you with your CDR.

We also have a lot of free advice available on our website www.cdrsample.com  and on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cdrsample/ . In our posts we cover CDR preparation point by point including advise on how to write your Career Episodes, Summary Statement and the CPD. We also provide tips and general guidance on how to approach your application.

Today we are going to expand more on choosing the correct ANZSCO code for your application.

When you apply for migration skills assessment you need to choose the right ANZSCO code. Normally applicant’s ANZSCO code would be the one that represents your degree and the experience you gained after at work after your graduation. Usually Engineers work at professions they have studied for.

If you have mixed experience and did not always work at your profession exactly – you may need to emphasize the relevant experience to your profession (and to your degree) in the Career Episodes to make it match the ANZSCO code description you decided to apply under. Please remember that you can (and should, in this case) always write one of your Career Episodes based on your final year Engineering project taken place at the University.

In case you studied and gained a particular degree but all your professional experience lies in a different field, you should choose the ANZSCO code that matches your experience. Alternatively, you can choose the Engineers Technologist Occupational Category. This Occupational Category is more general and is good for such cases.

If you order our services at CDRsample for reviewing your ready CDR, Summary Statement preparation or writing of the entire CDR from scratch we will direct you to the right ANZSCO code.  We will take care of the content of your CDR so you could pass the migration skills assessment on the first attempt as 99% of our customers do.

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