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Engineers! CDRsample provides services of CDR / KA 02 preparation for migrations skills assessment with the Engineers Australia and IPENZ (NZQA). If you need any help, do contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com and we certainly will be able to help you with your assessment. We also have free evaluation services, in case you have prepared a draft CDR / KA02 yourself.


Writing a CDR or a KA02 by yourself would be a time and energy consuming process that might take few months if you wish to do it properly. If you don’t have the time to write your application yourself, then it is more than important to hire the right specialists who would be able to deliver a proper work for you.  We in CDRsample have above 7 years of experience in CDR and KA02 preparation. Please visit our website to read the testimonials left by our past successful Clients: https://cdrsample.com/


In CDRsample we also follow and share relevant news with you: The latest from the Engineers Australia website is in regards to applications that were not successful of the first attempt: The applicants will only have one chance to provide any additional information Engineers Australia require and they will need to do so within 30 days.


Please save the following link and visit it time to time to be updated on all important announcements from the Engineers Australia: https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/For-Migrants/Migration-Skills-Assessment/Migration-Announcements


In CDRsample we have high first attempt success rates – 99% of our Clients get a successful assessment when they apply first time. Taking into account the latest Engineers Australia restrictions above, consider hiring the specialists at CDRsample to help you with your application to make it a success on a first attempt.



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