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No plagiarism CDR

The EA Assessments are troublesome to the applying engineering for many reasons, the most important of which is plagiarism detected in your CDR. This is mostly due to the amount of technical details required for a successful CDR and which are most often than not “borrowed” from already published or submitted documents. Hence the task of no plagiarism CDR remains at the forefront of all CDR preparation tasks.

Accordingly, and if not noticed and amended on time, this can lead to severe consequences, such as 12 month bans. This makes the importance of checking and removing of copied texts and published material from books/websites the primary obligation for the preparation of no plagiarism CDR.

If your goal is to be accepted in the first attempt you will need to submit a unique no plagiarism CDR and make the necessary checks before submitting. Making the necessary checking is even harder with some applicants not being aware that they are actually using plagiarized contents and hence professional assistance is vital.

How we create no plagiarism CDR

That said, CDR Sample provides support in preparation of no plagiarism CDRs by proofreading and editing the needed contents. This is accompanied by using plagiarism detection software to detect replicated contents that are based on materials from websites or already submitted CDRs. This process is based on the EA’s checking procedures to ensure full compliance and results with no plagiarism CDRs.

In addition to the above, and so as to guarantee no plagiarism CDRs, we check the prepared CDRs both against the website materials and the CDR documents we prepared already, so as to make certain that no two writing styles are the same and that all the content reflects distinctiveness of your particular case and experiences.

Testimonials from our successful clients confirm the same:

Thanks again for the effort and the quality of your job. I double checked the documents against plagiarism and I found them according to my expectations. Thanks again for the dedication. – Client from Brazil, C-871

Today I successfully received my positive outcome letter from Engineer’s Australia, after previously detected plagiarism was cleared by you, and I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate your team for great efforts which exerted to make one more successful chapter. It is to truly demonstrate the high professionalism. – Client from Saudi Arabia, C-849

I am extremely happy to inform you that I got the chartered status. The interview was good and thank you for all your great timely support and no plagiarized content used. – Client from Qatar, C-964


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