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CDR Analysis

Due to very strict EA requirements each engineer must follow the CDR writing principles to the letter and MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) guidelines. This inevitably leads to CDR analysis being one of the most important aspects of the CDR preparation process once completed. Hence, we have listed some of the most common issues to be considered within this process as easy to follow steps, to ensure a positive outcome of your Assessment:

5 steps to CDR analysis

1st step: In the CDR analysis you are firstly to check if your Career Episode (CE) are written as an essay, as this is the approved form with a valid introduction and summary. Additionally, the applicants must not add any bullet points in the CEs and must clearly mention all the engineering activities;

2nd step: Confirm that one project is finished in a single CE as one must avoid writing one project in two CE’s. Additionally, you must follow the ideal length of the CEs, in the range of 1000 words to 2500 words. Also, the engineers have to follow the ANZSCO code to describe your projects and present the competencies of your selected ANZSCO code;

3rd step: CDR analysis also includes  checking on the CE for mathematical calculations that you did in your projects alongside with the details of the software used. This is a proof of your experience. Also, you have to mention the job role of your project, so it becomes clear how you have managed the things in your career and what EA can expect from your end;

4th step: During the CDR analysis check if you have mentioned the problems solved and how they related to the project. This may include any creative works you have performed, so as to bring value to your CDR;

5th step: Your content has to be written in the first person. This means that you have to write ‘I did,’ ‘I calculated,’ ‘I evaluated’ and so forth. This step also includes making sure that the CDR is written in correct Australian English and proofread so it does not contain a single error such as spelling mistakes, grammar or flow of sentences, as this may lead to rejection.

6th step: In the CDR analysis plagiarism checks are to be done on each CDR document and thoroughly, as the EA has sophisticated software for plagiarism detection and any copied content will be discovered and your CDR rejected;



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