Rejected CDR

rejected CDR

Despite significant efforts made you may receive a rejected CDR notice, either due to shortcomings or plagiarism detected. Additionally, if your CDR is not prepared entirely as per the EA guidelines and requirements the outcome is the same. Hence, it is paramount to consider the EA standards in full and also have a professional approach to the preparation of this set of technical documents. Below are listed some of the most frequent reasons for a rejected CDR.


Following the EA general guidelines. The importance of following the general guidelines of the MSA booklet is principal, so the first advice is to read carefully and follow the MSA Booklet to the letter.

The Word limit is to be as per EA standards. Therefore,  the range of the word count for the career episodes needs to be kept between 1000 and 2500 words.


Plagiarism as cause of rejected CDR, is actually one of the most frequent reasons. If you have used other sources for your CDR the EA are bound to find out and consider it plagiarism. Consequently, all the content should be 100% original as it is a demonstration of your own competencies.

The career episodes should be written in the first person singular, and focus on what you did as an individual and not what you did with your team.


Sometimes, the rejected CDR notice is received because no innovative engineering solutions are included and there is a lack of technical design in your CDR report. Furthermore, the problem solving is crucial and methods and tools used should be present in your CDR as well, to ensure safe passage.


On a larger scale, you should demonstrate the conceptual understanding of your engineering field in order to be successful in the Assessment.

Details about the safety of the environment, as well as employees, are also required, and one of the reasons why rejected CDR notices are sent by the EA.


Missing to point out the obvious, such as: your project duration, company profile location and project objectives. So, read your CDR a couple of times after completion to secure this part.

Your ethical conduct and accountability are needed as well, and rejected CDRs also have these complaints present.


Finally, the summary statement needs to be connected to your career episodes in order for your CDR to be successful.


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