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CDR Pathway

cdr pathway

There are five application pathways for migration skills assessment: a. Accredited qualifications as listed here:  1. Australian Qualifications 2. Washington Accord Qualifications 3. Sydney Accord Qualifications 4. Dublin Accord Qualifications; and b. Non-Accredited qualifications:  5. Competency Demonstration Report or CDR Pathway.

The applicants are required to submit an online application. In order to proceed you firstly need to consider the MSA Booklet and Online Application User’s Guide (https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/sites/default/files/resource-files/2018-10/MSA%20Applicants%20User%20Guide%20September%202018%20v2.pdf) to ensure applications are submitted correctly via chosen pathway. For more information, and if you encounter any issues you may contact us for advice.

The CDR pathway requires all documents to be in English language. Also, you must upload color scans of the documents in the original language as well as English language translations, done by an authorized translator. If you are using an agent, you must provide your agent with your EA ID/CID/membership number and your agent will then initiate an application on your behalf.

You will be able to check the status of your application online by logging into Engineers Australia’s myPortal. The turnaround time for processing the assessments can vary, depending on the numbers of incoming applications, so our advice is to submit it earlier rather than later, especially if you need it urgently for your migration process.

If your CDR pathway assessor requires further information, they will contact you directly by email and inform you what remains needed to complete it. You will then submit any additional documentation within the specified timeframe to proceed accordingly.

If the assessment is successful, an assessment outcome letter suitable for migration purposes will be sent to you by email. In case you are not satisfied with the assessment outcome you can proceed with the review process.

Important notice on Ethical Standards: The Information you provide will be checked by the Engineers Australia to ensure you have not used information from other engineers or online sources. Misleading and false information is not welcomed and using them will lead to CDR rejection with other serious consequences, as a 12 month ban.

Contact us for our advice on your CDR pathway:

e-mail: cdr@cdrsample.com

Or visit our website for more information on our CDR services.

Website: www.cdrsample.com

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