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CDR application

CDR Application

As CDR Application for the Migration Skills Assessment is a complicated process our clients usually need an initial guide and hence the information below. This will get you acquainted with the overall process.

If your qualification is either not Accredited or it is from a non-Accord listed country you will need to apply under Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) Pathway and proceed with your CDR Application.

The Application includes a set of documents, a CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) and filling in an online application with the EA in order to get your engineering education and experience recognized by the Engineers Australia.

The components of the CDR Application are:

Personal information: passport size photo, prime identification document, name change documentation (if applicable),

Resume, English language competency proof (IELTSTM, TOEFL iBT® and PTE ACADEMIC);

Application information: Engineering Occupation and registration (evidence of your professional registration if applicable);

Education: degree certificate, official academic transcript and/or other supporting documents;

Employment: documentary evidence for CDR, i.e. reference letter or certificate of employment;

The Report or the Competency Demonstration Report itself: identification of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes, and the Summary Statement for the nominated category.

The applying engineers need to make sure they have provided all the requested CDR Application documents listed as stated above and in the MSA Booklet (section C). Furthermore, as the decision on your eligibility for the Migration Skills Assessment and the outcome of your Application will be made based on the provided information and documents, all applicants need to make sure they have presented their competencies in full.

If the completion of your CDR requires more information or documents, the EA will send a request for additional information through MyPortal, and you will be given a one month deadline to address the deficiencies. Then the EA will make a final decision based on all the information and documents submitted, including the information and documents covering the shortcomings.

The applying engineers have up to 60 days to complete and submit the application. If you do not finalize your application within the deadline it will be automatically cancelled and the applicant will need to start a new CDR Application.

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