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Into immigration process to Australia

immigration process to Australia

Engineers, are you looking into immigration process to Australia and trying to prepare your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) now? We are in CDRsample helping Engineers from all professions with their migration skills assessment by providing expert help in CDR preparation, we operate over 8 years in this field. If you need help on your CDR, please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com and our experts will provide you help with your CDR.

In this article we will continue giving you guidance and useful tips on CDR writing. In last few articles we concentrated on the Career Episodes writing and information you must include in them in order to pass the assessment with the Engineers Australia. Now we will concentrate on your Summary Statement preparation.

Summary Statement is the most difficult and most confusing part of the CDR. Most probably this part would require most of your time spent on CDR writing. The Summary Statement preparation is difficult because of the following factors:

1. It is difficult to understand what Engineers Australia mean from reading the indicators description in EA booklet

2. It is difficult to understand how to word the indicators in your own Summary Statement

3. It takes long time to find all the relevant reference paragraphs in Career Episodes and choose the most appropriate ones

Also, when you completed the Career Episodes and started working on the Summary Statement, many times you will need to edit your Career Episodes to add more information to cover better a specific element in the Summary Statement. When you do this, often you will need to add one or more paragraphs to your Career Episodes. This would change the paragraphs numbering and if you already wrote further paragraphs as reference paragraphs in the Summary Statement, you will need to fix it all.

These are the main difficulties with Summary Statement writing. In our future articles we will guide you through Summary Statement preparation taking into account the difficulties we described above and will explain how to overcome them.

Please find our free guidance on CDR preparation and other useful information on our website https://cdrsample.com/blogs/  and on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cdrsample

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