General Tips – Career Episodes writing

Career Episodes writing

Engineers, if you are now preparing to immigrate to Australia through migration skills assessment path and preparing your CDR, in this article we continue proving you with good tips on your Career Episodes writing.

In the last few articles we have provided guidance on the most important competencies to be covered when you do your Career Episodes writing. Please see these articles on our website blogs here https://cdrsample.com/blogs/  or on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cdrsample

This article will cover the secondary but not less important competencies you must demonstrate in your Career Episodes.

As an Engineer, especially if you about to apply as a Professional Engineer, you need to demonstrate the following competencies besides what we mentioned in our previous articles on this topic:

• Adhere to relevant legislation and standards

• Work as a team player – participate in meetings, provide professional advice to subordinates and take advice from seniors when issues arise

• Undertake your own competency development – take part in professional courses and seminars

• Prepare technical documentation – such as writing work progress reports and others

• Be involved in financial decisions related to the project

• Prepare project plan or schedule for your part of work on the project and follow it

There are more minor responsibilities that you will need to cover in your Career Episode. The general rule is that all elements in the Summary Statement need to be covered in the Career Episodes jointly. It would be better if you demonstrate majority of the competencies in each of your Career Episodes and three of them mush cover all the Elements in the Summary Statement.

In the next article we will start speaking about the most difficult CDR part – the Summary Statement preparation.

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