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Summary Statement

Engineers, if you are preparing for immigration to Australia, you have probably already discovered that the first step after completing your English test, is writing your CDR. Going through information provided by the Engineers Australia (EA), you realized that the CDR consists of three Career Episodes, Summary Statement and the CPD besides the additional documentation you need to provide such as proof of your degree etc.

In this series of articles we provide a useful guidance on CDR preparation. In past few articles we provided you with tips on Career Episodes writing and this article is the second one on Summary Statement writing. Last article focused on the problems you are likely to face when start preparing your Summary Statement (SS). In this article we will start guiding you on how actually to write your SS.

In general before your start working on your Summary Statement, first of all you need to read the description of all indicators relevant to your Occupational Category (for example the indicators for Professional Engineer are given on pages 32-36 of the EA booklet).

When reading, you should check if there is any major piece of information you are not covering in your Career Episodes.  For example, if you don’t make any reference to standards you used in your work (technical standards, safety standards etc.)  – This is a major information missing and you should add the missing information to your Career Episodes before you carry on to work on your SS.

The general rule set by EA is that you demonstrate all competencies in your Career Episodes jointly, but we would advise you to cover as many indicators as possible in each of your Career Episode.

Also, except the very first element, we would advise you to have at least two indicators covered (with their reference paragraphs) in the first and the third parts of the Summary Statement (Knowledge and Skills Base and Professional and Personal Attributes). And at least three indicators covered in the second part of the Summary Statement (Engineering Application Ability). Don’t take a risk and write just one indicator in an element that intended to demonstrate your engineering design activities (PE2.3) for example. Such approach would lead to your entire CDR to fail.

In the next article we will carry on guiding you on Summary Statement preparation.

If you need any help in your CDR preparation, please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com . Contact us if you have your Career Episodes ready and only need help with the Summary Statement or if you need your CDR from scratch.

We also have a lot of free information on our web site blogs https://cdrsample.com/blogs/ and on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cdrsample  including the beginning of this guidance.

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