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Summary Statement

Engineers, if you are now in the process of trying to arrange your documents for immigration to Australia and preparing your Competence Demonstration Report (also known as CDR), in this series of articles we are providing you with general guidance for your CDR Sample preparation.

In past few articles we provided guidance on your Career Episodes and started to talk about your Summary Statement. In this article we will carry on with explanations and guidance on your Summary Statement preparation.

Summary Statement (SS) is divided into three general parts:

Knowledge and Skills Base

Engineering Application Ability and

Professional and Personal Attributes

The first part of the Summary Statement – “Knowledge and Skills Base” is the most general part of the Summary Statement. This part of the Summary Statement does not need to go into the details of your engineering or design work. This part is dedicated for demonstration that you possess the required Engineering Knowledge and is able to apply this knowledge in your work on various projects.

In this part of the SS you don’t need to make reference to your design experience in detail or to particular calculations or specific problems you have resolved in your work. You should keep the details for the second part of the Summary Statement and keep the first part of the SS general.

Many people find the very first element of the Summary Statement difficult as they don’t understand what the Engineers Australia want to see in this element. Well, the first element is the most general element of the SS. It aims to demonstrate that you have the fundamental knowledge required to be an Engineer. We suggest the following example for wording for your first element and this is the only element in the entire SS that would be ok with only one indicator plus its reference paragrphs.

“For all three projects, I demonstrated my engineering knowledge and skills by applying engineering fundamentals to systematic investigation, interpretation, and analysis where I also introduced various innovative solutions to the complex problems”.

In the next article we are going to speak about the second part of your Summary Statement.

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