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How to Fill your Summary Statement (Element 3.6 – part 1)

Summary Statement

Reaching the final part of the Summary Statement document, this week we will present the first three indicators of attainment for the sixth element of competency of the third table that is dedicated to the professional and personal attributes of the applicant. The title of this element is “Effective team membership and team leadership”.

As it is obvious from the title itself, this part of the SS concerns the applicant’s ability to work within the context of a team of professionals, guide and lead other engineers to success, win the trust of colleagues and subordinates through the demonstration of accountability and professionalism, and showcase the capacity to understand how collaborations in demanding environments are set to work.

a.) Understands the fundamentals of team dynamics and leadership.

Example: In order to maximize the team’s efficiency, I made sure to increase the satisfaction rates of the employees by allowing them frequent breaks, and by establishing a bonus system based on the individual performance.

Example: I successfully led a team of Mechanical Engineers, providing technical guidance during our daily meetings, giving instructions on the equipment installation procedures, and ensuring safety at the workplace.

b.) Functions as an effective member or leader of diverse engineering teams, including those with multi-level, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural dimensions.

Example: Being the head of the automated systems development department, I organized and attended meetings with the leader of the electrical and electronics design department, and the head of the manufacturing.

Example: Because there were diverse international teams of engineers working on the site, I selected a head representative of each nation who could understand English terminology, and could reproduce my instructions in the native language of each group of technicians.

c.) Earns the trust and confidence of colleagues through competent and timely completion of tasks.

Example: I utilized advanced project management techniques such as Gantt charts, workflow tables, and weekly progress reports, leading to the timely completion of all the subsequent tasks and scheduled activities.

Example: My immaculate planning and personal dedication to the project won me the respect of colleagues, managers, and subordinates alike.

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