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How to Fill your Summary Statement (Element 3.5 – part 2)

Summary Statement

Continuing from where we left off last week, today we will present the three remaining indicators of attainment for element 3.5 entitled: “Orderly management of self, and professional conduct.” These indicators concern the applicant’s ability to manage resources based on the limitations of the allocated time, set priorities, and apply critical thinking in decision making processes.

d.) Manages times and processes effectively, prioritises competing demands to achieve personal, career and organisational goals and objectives.

Example: I prepared timelines for each task and set deadlines on the calendar which I shared online with all stakeholders. This helped me track the progress of each activity and intensify work where it was required.

Example: Based on the Pareto principle, I identified the 20% of the most productive members of my department, and adjusted the workflow priorities in a way that would utilize them at the maximum possible level.

e.) Thinks critically and applies an appropriate balance of logic and intellectual criteria to analysis, judgment and decision making.

Example: I established a decision making procedure that suggested the assignment of specialization flags in each topic, with each flag corresponding to a group of experts in a particular field who met and discussed on a solid basis.

Example: I helped the company executives in their decision making by providing insight through the establishment of performance indicators monitoring procedures, allowing them to identify inefficient sectors and to foresee problems from early on.

f.) Presents a professional image in all circumstances, including relations with clients, stakeholders, as well as with professional and technical colleagues across wide ranging disciplines.

Example: I met with the client on a weekly basis, presenting the progress of the work in a professional manner, showcasing data tables, timeline analytics, photographs of the site, and a selection of personnel report information.

Example: I set up a webserver where I uploaded all reports and engineering documents relating to the project. I gave access to all stakeholders on this platform, thus keeping them up to date in a modern and professional way.

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