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How to Fill your Summary Statement (Element 3.6 – part 2)

How to fill your Summary Statement? Continuing from where we left off last week, today we will present the three remaining indicators of attainment for element 3.6 entitled: “Effective team membership and team leadership”. These indicators mainly deal with the seeking of expert advice/guidance, capacity to value and set the basis for the flourishing of diverse ideas and varied approaches. Also it deals with ability to lead a team of professionals without intervening to the designated roles and structure of the team.

The last three indicators of Summary Statement Element 3.6

d.) Recognizes the value of alternative and diverse viewpoints, scholarly advice and the importance of professional networking.

Example: I organized a brainstorming session which was attended by experienced telecommunication engineers who provided their insight and possible explanations on the investigated problem.

Example: When the product development started, I established weekly meetings with the leaders of the electrical, mechanical, and automation engineers teams. This way, experts in each field had the chance to explain the product intricacies relating to their field, and how the designs of the other parts would affect theirs.

e.) Confidently pursues and discerns expert assistance and professional advice.

Example: I communicated with an international team of experts working in the same organization as I was through Skype. This not only helped me to overcome problems, but also to prevent issues from arising.

Example: I frequently visited engineering forums and technical IRC channels asking for advice on the fields that were part of my work, but outside my expertise.

f.) Takes initiative and fulfills the leadership role whilst respecting the agreed roles of others.

Example: When the emergency shutdown occurred, I immediately assigned tasks to all technicians based on the roles that they fulfilled throughout their service in the company.

Example: I led a team of five chemical engineers to success, by organizing their testing sessions and providing the required equipment, procuring the consumables, and making safety gear available in the lab, as per the requirements.

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