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Full Guide on How to Fill your Summary Statement

Those of you who have been following the news section on our website, already know about the “how to fill your summary statement” tutorials that were published on a weekly basis. These tutorials covered the whole spectrum of the SS document for the category of the professional engineer, and we are confident that our comprehensive examples can help even the most inexperienced to achieve a successful assessment by Engineers Australia.

In the same context, and after receiving your overwhelming feedback on the published tutorials, we have decided to compile everything into one complete guide on how to fill your summary statement. This guide contains every part of the individual guides that were published on our website, arranged in an organized way to optimize the readability of the document, and help you fill your SS document in a better and more comfortable way.

As we value the community that has formed around CDRsample, we have decided to offer this guide after we keep the published tutorials available for free for a limited period of time. After this time is over, the guide will be sold through our website and some of the relative material will be taken down, so if you are in process of a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) preparation, don’t miss this final opportunity to go through the parts you need for a successful CDR now on our website, or on our Facebook page.

We at cdrsample.com believe in the sharing of information and we practice what we preach by offering key information and advice free of charge to everyone out there. Our experience and expertise form the solid basis for our capacity to develop such guides, which are unique as they can’t be found anywhere else on the net. Acting ethically, we warn our followers of the upcoming change and allow enough time for everyone to get what they need in order to proceed with their CDR preparation. If you still have questions or you need further advice on your CDR application, feel free to contact us at cdr@cdrsample.com

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