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Fee Structure Changes Announced by EA

Engineers Australia has just announced a set of important changes that will start taking effect on the 1st of July, 2016. These changes concern the fee structure that will make the assessment services significantly more expensive for the applicants who are planning to have their assessment this Summer and onwards.

For example, the fee for the Migration Skills Assessment Service (MSA) for a Competency Demonstration Report is raised from $715 to $815 including taxes. Similarly, the “fast track” fee is raised from $275 to $302.5, the informal review from $275 to $286, and the standard administration fee from $115.5 to $117.5. The largest increased in terms of absolute value was done for the MSA service for a CDR with the relevant skilled employment assessment and an overseas Ph.D. assessment which was raised from $1206.5 to $1364 including GST (goods and services tax). For more details on the new pricing, visit the relevant announcement page.

We at CDRSample acknowledge the additional financial burden that is generated by this announcement for our clients, and we can promise that our service fees will stay unaltered until the end of the year, effectively absorbing the pressure from the globally increasing tax rates. This change is only inspiring us to work even harder to meet the expectations and needs of our clients, and so we can guarantee that we will pursuit the continuance of our previous success with great devotion, as we have been doing for over seven years now.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us via mail on cdr@cdrsample.com if you are having difficulties understanding which application category and corresponding fee concerns you.

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