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How to fill your Summary Statement (Element 1.3)

summary statement

Section 1.3: “In-depth understanding of specialist bodies of knowledge within the engineering discipline.”

In the third element of the Summary Statement document, applicants have to showcase their ability to apply advanced technical knowledge and skills in the practice domain of the selected engineering discipline. Engineering disciplines are: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering etc.

In order to better understand how to fill the one indicator of the third element, we need to first describe what the “specialist practice domain” is. According to EA’s latest booklet (page-25), this term is defined as “the specific area of knowledge and practice within an engineering discipline, such as geotechnics, power systems, manufacturing process, etc”.

We would like to expand this and provide some more examples of what “specialist practice domain” is:

for Mechanical Engineers: robotics, internal combustion engines, industrial production equipment.

for Civil Engineers: geotechnics, structural integrity evaluation, road and highway engineering

for Electronics Engineering: circuitry design, PLC programming, computer software, communication equipment.

for Petroleum Engineers: drilling and geotechnics, plant control and management, fluid mechanics.

for Chemical Engineers: Front End Engineering Design (FEED), Chemical process design, Chemical equipment design.

for Aeronautical Engineering: aerospace engineering, aerodynamics, jet propulsion, aircraft frame design.

for Agricultural Engineers: agricultural machines and farm equipment, natural resources, geotechnics.

For all the specific skills and technical knowledge needed to fill the indicator, the applicant must consider the characteristics of the chosen occupation category (ANZSCO code). Find a list with all Engineering codes on the Australian Bureau of Statistics website.

Here are a few examples to consider when filling this element in your Summary Statement,

1.) I possess advanced skills in production planning and I utilize these skills for successful completion of my projects..

2.) I am conversant in using and applying telecom engineering and networking equipment in mega infrastructures.

3.) I have proven knowledge of fluid dynamics which I applied in my projects.

4.) I developed a maximum efficiency production plan in the manufacturing plant.

5.) I was responsible for all mud engineering work during the project.

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