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How to fill your Summary Statement (Element 1.2)

summary statement

Section 1.2: “Conceptual understanding of the, mathematics, numerical analysis, statistics, and computer and information sciences which underpin the engineering discipline.”

The second element of the Summary Statement document concerns the familiarity of the applicant with certain basic engineering-related disciplines. These disciples are the mathematics, numerical and statistical analysis, computer and information science. All of those form the basis on which a modern engineer can build up investigation and analysis processes, assess or predict a problem, model a system and finally take technically sound decisions.

As the scope of those disciples is very wide and their importance is big, one can safely say that the engineering activities that can be enhanced by applying them is widely expanding in the areas of professional communication, systems monitoring, testing evaluation, data comparison, knowledge exchange and management, and finally more accurate and valid measurements.

There is only one indicator that corresponds to the second element of the first table of the Summary Statement document and this indicator can be filled with examples that showcase how the applicant developed and fluently applied processes that utilize any embodiment and facet of those disciples. This means that the indicator is usually filled with cases of systematic utilization of processes that require a professional level of mathematical knowledge, ability to conduct engineering investigation through analytical thinking, capacity to identify and discard errors in measurements through statistical analysis, and finally the competence to predict changes in the operational characteristics of a system by simulating it on computer.

Here are a few examples on how to fill this particular indicator:

1.) Using my knowledge on Calculus, I determined the optimal size of the custom truck platform based on the size of packages and maximum allowed hauling weight.

2.) Statistical analysis of the wind forces on the bridge location revealed the critical points that needed further reinforcement.

3.) The MATLAB Simulink simulation that I set up and ran confirmed the advisability of my initial schematic approach.

4.) In my work on all my projects I have performed various technical calculations.

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