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How to fill your Summary Statement (Element 1.4)

summary statement

Continuing our set of tutorials on the filling of the (Professional Engineer) Summary Statement document for Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment, today we take a look at the forth part of the first section.

Section 1.4: “Discernment of knowledge development and research directions within the engineering discipline.”

In the fourth element of the first section of the Summary Statement document, applicants have to focus on experience examples that highlight their close attention to the latest developments in their engineering discipline and practice domain, as well as the ability to search, identify, select and utilize technical literature and/or other specialized informative sources.

There are two indicators that need to be filled on this element and those are:

a) Identifies and critically appraises current developments, advanced technologies, emerging issues and interdisciplinary linkages in at least one specialist practice domain of the engineering discipline.

b.) Interprets and applies selected research literature to inform engineering application in at least one specialist domain of the engineering discipline.

The first indicator could be filled with examples of the applicant identifying pioneering solutions through research, learning about specific modern techniques and work methods that are at least tentatively proved to be successful in the real-world industry or in the lab environment, and finally identify theoretical and practical connection and/or interrelation between two or more engineering disciplines.

The second indicator concerns the applicants’ research activities and so its focused around information evaluation, research methodology, systematic utilization of selected technical literature, engineering books, operator’s manuals, and manufacturer’s handbooks.

Some examples that can be used on this part of the Summary Statement are found below:

1.) I was a subscriber of the “Modern Engineer” magazine, and so I remained informed about the latest developments in my field of profession.

2.) I leveraged the company’s library and used technical books that contained mathematical formulas that I needed for the design of my systems.

3.) I learned about innovative methodologies for the installation of pumping systems, challenging established practice methods in the field with beneficial end results.

4.) I regularly visited my University’s library to search for relevant scholar material and took notes of my findings for further research in future sessions.

5.) I used the internet in a daily basis to get updated about the most pioneering solutions applied in problems similar to those I was facing during my projects.

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