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How to Choose your Career Episode Story – Part 2

This week we take a look at the second part of our quick guide on how to choose your Career Episode story. In last week’s post, we covered the first three elements that applicants should consider for the selection of the work experience they want to present. Here are the remaining four factors for your consideration.

4. Next, consider your own level of involvement. In the career episodes, applicants are expected to present their own work, and their own contributions in the team’s work. That said, selecting a story where you served as an assistant or as a trainee, doing very little engineering work yourself wouldn’t be your best bet.

5. Don’t forget to consider the success of the story. Presenting an episode that finishes with a failed or delayed project won’t count to your advantage. Use stories that describe successful projects that were completed on time and preferably within the allocated budget.

6. Showing your ability to work in a team, collaborate with others, guide subordinates, and communicate with the management or the client representatives is also very important. That said, don’t go for a story where you were working on your own. Although this isn’t prohibitive, it is generally better to use a story where you worked closely with others.

7. Finally, presenting cases where you have applied the most state of the art, pioneering, innovative, and modern technologies and methodologies clearly highlights the level of your engagement with the latest developments in your field. This is very important for your MSA evaluation, as engineering is tightly bound with the future and its next-gen applications.

If all of these seven prerequisites are met, you can feel sure that your career episode story will be a good one. Compare your available professional experiences with the above, and select those that apply to most of them. However, note that the first point prerequisite is mandatory and absolutely required. For the rest of the points, you can always feel sure that we at cdrsample.com can help you cover what is missing in an adequate and realistic way. For more free information on Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) preparation please visit our official Facebook page.

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