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Australia or New Zealand?

This week, we take a look at one of the hardest dilemmas that many of our clients face and that is choosing between Australia and New Zealand. Both countries boast promising job opportunities, but there are some subtle details that can make a huge difference depending on the personality and professional aspirations of an engineer. Here are the main factors that you should consider before making the final decision on the path that you’ll take.

Choose Australia because:

There are more high-profile job opportunities. It’s a bigger place, there is a greater number of large companies, and so the chances of starting or continuing a high-profile career are better.

Work conditions are somewhat better. Australia-based workers have slightly more work rights and significantly more holidays (5 weeks) when compared to workers in New Zealand (4 weeks).

In general, the salaries are quite higher in Australia (about 30%), and while the life is somewhat more expensive compared to New Zealand, the difference is still better.

The weather is hotter than in New Zealand, and you won’t have a hard time adjusting if you’re coming from a country with a hot climate.

You like traveling long distances. Australia is a huge country, and companies can be spread across it. If you are an engineer who likes traveling from one site to the other and back to the main office, you will enjoy the long trips.

Choose New Zealand because:

You are a more laid back personality who doesn’t want to chase a high-profile career, but more like enjoy life and work without much pressure.

Larger cities like Auckland and Wellington can potentially offer job positions for highly specialized engineers.

Living in the country is your thing, and paying for a house outside the cities will cost you much less than doing the same in Australia. This opens up the possibility for saving as well.

People are friendlier, less racist, and so you’ll have an easier time adjusting in the local communities. Moreover, gay marriage is legal in New Zealand but not yet in Australia.

Crime rates are about twelve times lower than in Australia. Both are considered very safe to live in, but New Zealand is the safest among the two.

There are much less dangerous animal species in New Zealand. In Australia, there are poisonous spiders and snakes present even in urban environments.

While New Zealand is still behind in numbers, experts estimate an increased growth for the upcoming years, which means that many new job opportunities will open up in the country during the upcoming time period.

Whatever your initial choice may be, note that moving from Australia to New Zealand and vice versa is fairly easy as the two countries share a common citizenship framework. This basically means that if you’re eligible to work in one of them, you will most probably be allowed to live and work in either.

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