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How to Choose your Career Episode Story – Part 1

For all Engineers who are thinking about immigrating to Australia: Applicants for migration skills assessment with the Engineers Australia have to submit three career episode stories, so whether they do have at least some level of previous work experience or they boast a rich career full of involvements in large scale projects. Choosing the right stories must always be done according to a specific criteria.

If you are struggling to choose among the many available stories of your career, choose the three that meet the seven following requirements in the best possible way. Similarly, if you don’t have enough engineering experience, select three stories that best meet the following criteria. We at CDRsample will fill in any gaps in order to meet the requirements for a successful assessment. At this post we will look into three factors out of seven you should consider when choosing among your various job experiences for your career episodes:

1. First and foremost, consider your ANZSCO code requirements. Different codes require different specializations. For example, if you are applying for a Chemical Engineer, you should use stories relating to the design of chemical processes, operation of chemical plants, industrial processing and fabrication of products, and application of physical and chemical theory. That said, using a story that relates to telecommunications, electrical engineering, or mining systems for example wouldn’t be a good choice.

2. Secondly, you should consider how many technical work examples you can include when using a particular story. Design of systems, commissioning, calculation details, and development of theoretical models are all critical factors that add great value to a career episode story. The more of these you can provide, the better.

3. Thirdly, select a work experience where you had the opportunity to attend technical training courses, seminars, participate in workshops, conduct research on the internet and on technical literature, and generally demonstrated a good rate of personal development.

In our next post we will look into remaining four factors you should consider while choosing the topic for your Career Episodes. For more free information on Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) preparation please visit our official Facebook page

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