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The Most Wanted Engineering Roles in NZ and AU

Aiming for the jobs that have the highest shortage ratings in Australia and New Zealand is the safest way to secure a quick employment after your migration. CDRSample.com is presenting you the most wanted engineering roles and best fields of professional opportunity for applicants to consider.

1.) Electrical Engineers seem to have the highest demand among all other engineering roles, as it is the number 9 most wanted role in the 2018 employment outlook list published by the Australian labor department. The agency is foreseeing a high number of new positions created in this area during the next few years.

2.) Mining Engineers is another high prospect position as the predicted growth of Australia’s mining activities has had an average pace of about 7% during the past six years. As the country is quite rich in minerals such as nickel, gold, iron, and magnetite, this demand isn’t expected to drop any time soon.

3.) Aerospace Engineers is another field where the demand is high in the country. Australia’s space program has just started to grow significantly during the past few years with scheduled rocket launches and expansion of the relevant facilities, and so the need for capable engineers who will serve the corresponding organization is steadily increasing.

4.) Civil Engineers are also expected to stay in high demand for the next few years at least. Australia continues to grow, and the facilities and infrastructure of this large country are always either under expansion, development, and/or maintenance.

5.) Plumbing Engineers are quite high in demand in Australia. It is indicative that the average age of plumbers in the country is around 55 years at the time, with 10% of them being foreigners. This is expected to get worse as renovations and fit outs keep on increasing, and plumbing engineers keep on retiring. That said, this sector is a great opportunity right now.

New Zealand
According to the “immediate shortage” list published by the New Zealand immigration agency in May 30, 2016, the most wanted engineering professionals in the country right now are:

1.) Agriculture Engineers
2.) Construction Engineers and Building Inspectors/Surveyors
3.) Construction Project Managers
4.) Spatial Science Technicians and Modelers
5.) Hydrographic Technicians
6.) Civil Engineers and Draughtspersons
7.) Electrical Engineers
8.) Mechanical Engineers and Technicians
9.) Post-Doctoral University Lecturer (Engineering Sciences)
10.) Telecommunications Engineers

These ten engineering roles are in shortage across all regions of the country so the shortage is immediate and the margin for applicants choice is quite large right now. This means that it is a great time for those who are qualified in the aforementioned roles to apply for a migration to New Zealand.

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