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Now is the best time to enjoy CDRsample services!

The recent British pound value drop has resulted in a corresponding drop on the price of our services as we are a UK based company and work in Pound Sterling currency. As CDRsample promised before, our service prices will remain unchanged as we will absorb this value drop to the benefit of our clients who may now enjoy the unmatched quality of our work at an even more competitive price.

We at CDRsample value our clients and respect the fact that Engineers from around the world are carefully planning their immigration expenses and processes, and so we stand by them as patrons and facilitators in this effort. That said, the cost of a complete CDR preparation from scratch remains at around £380 (depends on your case) while the cost of a CDR sample is stable at £29.99.

While our service fees are objectively decreased due to Pound droop, we still guarantee the same level of dedication to our clients’ needs and the same high quality that we have been delivering throughout all those years. By increasing the rates of our technical writers team to up to the loss of the currency value, we are ensuring that their motivation and devotion to the cases that they undertake will remain unchanged.

As a strongly established organization in the field of CDR preparation (and assistance with applications to NZQA for immigration to New Zealand), we confidently step into the future, and no matter the various factors that can cause instability or uncertainty, we will continue to offer the best Migration Skills Assessment services out there. Now is the best time for you to contact us and ask for a pre-evaluation of your case as getting a professional-written CDR has never been cheaper.

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