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Civil Engineer CDR

Civil Engineer

In these series of articles we describe the most common professions for migration skills assessment for immigration to Australia and New Zealand. This is our third in a row of ANZSCO code series, and this one deals with Civil Engineer and its requirements.

Civil Engineer – ANZSCO 233211

Respectively Civil Engineer is required to be versatile with his/her obligations and work performance. They need to be able to perform designing, planning, organizing and overseeing constructions of civil engineering plans and projects. This includes projects such as bridges or dams, pipelines and gas and water supply structures, alongside with sewerage systems and roads, airports and further structures.

Civil Engineer would also examine the expected performance of soil and rock and analyze the statistical properties of all types of structures. Finally, they should do the testing to know the durability of the materials they use in construction, and evaluate and observe the construction costs of their projects.

Each Civil Engineer is additionally responsible and should perform his duties according to their specific job description. The specific tasks include: defining construction methods, materials and quality standards; organization of the site workforce and making detailed programs for the coordination of site activities; checking the composure of the soil and rock and testing them accordingly; reviewing architectural and engineering drawings to establish the total costs; change and monitor the designs; designing the constructions as per standards; to name a few.

The required skill level for a Civil Engineer includes a bachelor degree or higher qualification, which may be substituted with at least five years of relevant experience. Some positions may require additional relevant experience and/or on-the-job training. Finally, in order to obtain a positive skills assessment from Engineers Australia, Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) may be required in order to obtain the EA endorsement and proceed with Australia’s job vacancies accordingly.

CDRSample is assisting engineers from all disciplines in the CDR preparation, Civil Engineering included. We additionally offer Civil Engineer CDR Sample, which may be used for orientation purposes and serve as a guideline. That said, and as the CDR is the crucial step in your Migration Skills Assessment, personalized assistance may be needed and welcomed to secure a safe passage.


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