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CDRsample Success

CDR Sample has had many success stories over the years in our 11 year working experience with engineers all over the world. With over 1200 successfully engaged clients we are presenting some of CDRsample success stories and feedbacks here.

CDRsample success stories shared by our Clients

“Dear CDRsample, I’ve got positive skills assessment. Thank you very much. Best regards.”  Client from Jordan.

“I got my CDR approved CDR Last Friday. Thank you and crew for the exceptional support given to me.”  Client from Sri Lanka.

“I think it is perfect, it does not need to add anything else. Thank you so much for all your help in the last few months. I am very happy with your job.” Client from Brazil.

“Good Afternoon and hope this message finds you well. I would like to inform you that the outcome of my EA assessment is a success! EA Assessment Submission: Dec 17, 2019; EA Outcome: Jan 7, 2020; Thank you so much.”  Client from Philippines.

And a special heart-warming CDRsample success story from our Australian client.

“Hi Team,

I would like to say how much I’m happy with the excellent services provided and my success story at the end. I had to make a few corrections, but this was fine according to the time I’ve requested. I appreciate the attention to my needs and how you all treat my CDR with great details. My CDR got even better than I expected. I definitely couldn’t make it alone without this excellent service. I will keep referring the CDR sample to others and make a positive review online (Please let me know which pages I can make the review).

I have honestly been so impressed by everything! Thank you all for doing such a wonderful job.”

Client from Australia.


We are still trying to keep it simple and straight forward in the complicated Assessments for all our clients and such kind words and confirmations help us try even harder. Thank you for your continuous reminder of our role and looking forward to your success stories to CDRsample success stories for sharing!


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