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CDR for Chemical Engineer

The fourth case in our ANZSCO series is dedicated to Chemical Engineer and their CDR process for Migration Skills assessment.

Chemical Engineer – ANZSCO 233111

As is the case with the requirements for the other ANZSCO codes, Chemical Engineer is obligated to perform a variety of roles and hold different levels of responsibility in their work. Chemical Engineer is to design and prepare conditions for chemical process systems. Additionally, they are to develop the constructions and operations of commercial-scale chemical plants, alongside with supervising industrial processing under EA standards. Finally, they deal with fabrication of products undergoing physical and chemical changes.

Chemical Engineer is also more specifically accountable for explicit tasks of their job description. These tasks are decided on job to job bases and mostly they include the following:  design preparation for chemical process systems, planning control systems for processes usually included to remove and separate components, test and evaluate fuels, or effect chemical changes. Additionally, they perform monitoring of the operation and they do maintenance of equipment. Other responsibilities of Chemical Engineer are to ensure a correct usage of materials and equipment, as per specifications; to diagnose any malfunctions in chemical plants; and to consider product application and pollution control problems.

Most engineers in the Chemical Engineer ANZSCO group have a skill level equal to a bachelor degree or higher qualification. That said, some cases require relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may, in addition to the formal qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1). This includes the Competency Demonstration Report and EA’s approval to be competitive and present on the job market.

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