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CDR help

CDRsample has provided many forms of CDR help and assistance to engineers and prepared successful CDRs for over 10 years now. Many different forms of help were defined as crucial and we will here list some of them

CDR Help with understanding the EA guidelines

The EA states their guidelines in various forms, whether on their official website (https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/) or other diverse documents, such as the MSA Booklet – which may be somewhat overwhelming and confusing to applying engineers. Our Technical Team hence works on each case individually to have a tailor made approach and define the structure needed.

Assistance in selecting the proper topics of the Career Episodes for a CDR

One of the most vital initial steps of CDR Services is setting the topics for each Career Episode. The topics need to be selected carefully, so as to enable the Career Episodes to present the competencies the EA wishes to see for the respective ANZSCO codes, and also be good enough for the selected occupational category. Thus many engineers need CDR help to select the projects from their work that will best describe their work – which is usually the first step after the CDR preparation has started.

Help in setting the proper format and actual contents:

The format is to be selected according to the general parameters of the actual application, i.e. occupational category, ANZSCO code and Skills Assessment Type. That said, the actual works only starts here and CDR help is usually asked for setting the proper tone of the CDR, which unequivocally should be both active but also formal. Additionally by providing CDR help to keep the presentations brief but comprehensive we make sure that your CDR will give all the information needed to properly present all your skills.

CDR services in detecting and removing plagiarism

One of the most common reasons for CDR rejection is plagiarized content. Here CDR help becomes crucial as even the applying candidates are sometimes not aware that the contents of their Career Episodes are “borrowed” as per EA standards. Hence, by performing regular and thorough plagiarism checking we ensure all your presented material will be approved.

CDR Help in dividing the CDR preparation process into steps

Preparing a CDR may be an overpowering experience as it includes a preparation of a complicated set of documents. Each of these documents is equally important to reach a successful outcome. We provide CDR help and divide the preparation into workable steps, by seeking only parts of information needed to complete each one of those.


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