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CDR Writers

CDR writers are the essential part of our support and services team. As part of CDRsample team, they assist engineers from all over the world applying for their Skills Assessments. Diverse in their outreach, but specialized in the engineering fields of the applying candidates as well, in CDRsample our competent writers are covering all aspects of the EA Stage 1 and Stage 2 Assessments. As per their role our Writers are divided in a three tier system:

CDR Writers for evaluation / CDR Evaluation Team.  Initial stage, including the initial review of the client’s case, and giving pointers on the missing inputs, general form and competencies, so the CDR in question can reach the EA standards (or standards of other Assessment Authorities). This includes Writers capable of making quick and reliable initial evaluations;

CDR Writers for preparation / CDR Preparation Team. General stage of the actual CDR preparation. This Technical Writer’s Team is the largest body of CDR Writers in CDR Sample, which includes highly proficient and experienced  writers (with over 5 years of writing experience on average). These domain-specific Writers on the CDR Preparation Team are also experienced engineers, well versed in the respective engineering disciplines and hence capable of understanding the relevance of specific inputs for each ANZSCO code, so as to tailor make each CDR as per the current EA requirements;

A sub-group of the CDR Preparation Team is engaged solely for preparation of additional documents, such as professional resumes, employment letters, motivational letters, etc.

CDR Writers for review / Technical Team.  The most prominent Writers are in the Technical Team. This team is engaged at the end of each CDR preparation in order to review and validate the CDR preparation already done. This includes additional plagiarism and consistency checking, as well as the general review of the form and contents of each individual document. Highly valuable, this step is included in our general services to ensure all the documents relate to both existing EA standards as well as client’s competencies. This phase also includes further editing  of the technical details (if need) and proofreading with grammar and style editing, done by the writer from that respective engineering field;

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