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CDR writing is covered in CDRsample with a highly experienced Technical Team of writers (extending for 10 years of actual practice). It extends from initial evaluations to finalization and checking of CDR documentation to provide full support to all applying engineers. The service of CDR writing is divided into the following steps for easier understanding and facilitation:

Initial evaluation for CDR: Each applying engineer needs an initial evaluation, so as to set the general parameters, i.e. Skills Assessment Type, Occupational Category and ANZSCO code, for each case as these are paramount as they will determine the form and contents of your future CDR;

Information gathering for CDR writing: This part includes sending all the necessary information for a successful CDR. Hence, we have prepared a specific set of questions, which strictly correspond to the EA standards and guidelines. This information is gathered in a successive manner, meaning one Career Episode at a time, and so as to make the information gathering in an economic and effective way;

CDR writing of the Career Episodes (CEs): This is the main part of each CDR case, which proceeds as soon as all the needful information is gathered. It is performed by Technical Writers from the respective engineering fields with actual working experience, as we believe this gives an edge to CDR documents prepared;

CDR writing of the Summary Statement (SS) and CPD: The SS is done with utmost attention to technical details presented in the respective CEs, so all indicators are properly presented as per EA standards. CPD or Continuing Professional Development is a file presenting the continuing professional development after undergraduate studies of the client, and is prepared entirely according to EA guidelines;

Plagiarism checking of all the CDR documents: As the EA are very strict with plagiarism issues, CDR writing needs to include thorough plagiarism checks on all points during the process, gathering the information and including them in the final CDR documents;

Final evaluation:  After all the CDR documents are prepared the Technical Team gives the final approval after considering the CDR as a whole. This is done by an expert team of experienced engineers and Technical Writers with an in-depth knowledge of the entire CDR application process;


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