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Free CDR Review and C.E.R. (Case Evaluation Reports)

CDR review

Many clients come to CDRsample with full or partially prepared CDR documents. They ask is for CDR review and confirmation against EA standards. We also receive cases rejected due to insufficient or inadequate information, i.e. missed crucial points due to rushed applications or lack of in-depth knowledge of EA standards. Hence, CDR review services and preparation of C.E.R. or Case Evaluation Reports for each particular client, have become the most sought for assistance demanded by our clients.

Lacking a proper review before sending the final CDR to the EA usually leads to missing both proper form and content in the respective documents. This is almost always very difficult to be discerned by the applying engineers themselves. Consequently an appropriate CDR review should concern all the elements the EA are looking for.

CDR review and Case Evaluation Reports

Our Case Evaluation Reports contain the following elements:

Technical aspects. All important information on the competencies required by the selected ANZSCO code need to be present and discussed in the CDR review. Most mistakes made here are missing the design or graphic representations, calculations and problems solved;

CDR structure. The EA standards on the structure of a CDR need to be followed in full, and a timely review for this should be done as soon as possible, as working on a CDR document with wrong structure from the start leads to a complete rework;

Presentation of Activities. All activities in the CDR documents need to be presented according to a normal flow of the engineering work done, hence avoiding anomalies and illogical missing of in-between steps;

Plagiarism checks. The EA are very strict on plagiarism detected due to copied or “borrowed” material. This, if not noticed on time, can lead to severe consequences, such as 12 month bans. Hence the review on this instance is paramount in all respects;

Proofreading and editing. Apart from the above mentioned, a thorough review includes a proper spelling, grammar and language checking. This goes in line with the English language being the operating language in Australia, and as such it is essential for the client to present his case, i.e. CDR, in proper English;

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