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CDR writing: Choosing ANZSCO code


When you are about to write your CDR, choosing the right ANZSCO code may be tricky. Quite often engineers study a particular engineering subject but majority their experience lays within a difference engineering field. Another common problem is that some engineers do not have a lot of practical experience. These and other issues may make it difficult to choose the correct ANZSCO code for your CDR or other type of assessment application.

In this article we make a couple of recommendations to those struggling choosing the most suitable code for their CDR or other type of assessment application.

How to choose the right ANZSCO code

If you are one of engineers who studied a certain engineering degree but worked the entire career or majority of it in a different field then we would recommend that you apply under ANZSCO code where you have the majority of your experience.

If you are a freshly graduated engineer and struggle generating all 3 Career Episodes, then you should include your final year University project and base one Career Episode on Uni project experience. If there was another significant project during your studies, you may consider including that project as a base for another Career Episode as well. But all projects should include a significant design exercise at any case.

If you have all three of your Career Episodes based on different ANZSCO codes, then consider applying as Engineering Professional NEC (233999).

If your experience does not match any of the other Professional Engineering ANZSCO codes, apply as  Engineering Professional NEC. One of the examples of professionals that should apply as Engineering Professional NEC is Project Engineers.

If you are struggling choosing your ANZSCO code, we are here to help you with this based on your experience. Please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com or use the contact form on our website www.cdrsample.com and we will help you on the matter.

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